MOSSA GROUP — is a corporate center of the group of business units, united by common corporate values, goals and synergy of cooperation.

MOSSA GROUP performs the function of strategic architect and financial controller, which allows to increase the growth rates and efficiency of each business unit separately and whole group of companies, and to diversify investment risks. The corporate brand "Mossa" exists since 1994, the group of companies "Mossa group" was founded in 2010.

Main goals
Creation and development of the corporate portfolio (business units and groups)
Increasing the growth and efficiency of the corporate portfolio
Management of the WACC and financing sources of the business portfolio
Formation and maintaining of relations with external business environment and regulators

191101, St. Petersburg, ul. Sezzhinskaya d. 36 pom. 3N

Tel. +7 (812) 380 70 00
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